How can We Stop Plagiarism Spoiling the Academic Integrity when it is Being Widely Accepted by the Social Media?

The intriguing role of social media is all well-known and accepted by young generation. At the same time the negative vigor of the platform to the young generation is also been analyzed by the educators. The ways for slowing down the negative impulse on the young generation is going on, but how come they are conceiving the methods that can eradicate the exploitation threads has yet to be revealed.

The rise of plagiarism

One such bad gestures seen in the social media is splendid use of plagiarism. We know it is so common to share certain performances or artwork of other people on the internet. The re-posting has become so common and as a result of that some of the social media sites like Facebook have taken some of the measures to slow down the plagiarism. Still with the lack of proper restriction or authoritative steps, student still gets charged by such acts.

So with such a series of weak steps there is nothing to wonder why plagiarism is still more prevalent. Many surveys are being conducted as a part of studying the real facts and number involved in it. And it has been revealed that more than 50% of students in our world are addicted to plagiarism. In addition to that it displays proof that most of the students accepts to copy and pasting contents for the educational purpose without proper citation from the sites. Even though they realize it as an odd act, the easiness of the collecting the resources is encouraging them to do it again. Another part is good or bad plagiarism has been accepted unofficially all over the world.

What are the negative impacts of plagiarism?

In this process the idea or the creation of person is taken as one own, instead of using one’s own idea. Here this causes the lack of acknowledge to the real works. Even though many take it light heartedly, there are many bad impacts associated with it. In fact in the future it is considered as a great risk to both the educational system as well as the entire society.

Let us learn the measures taken to stop this:

1. Give an uncommon topic for the assignment

Define a clear standard needed for the assignments and so make clear that all needed is more than a casual Google research. Choose a topic or heading for the assignment, that is rare to spot in the internet. Make sure that in real time you demand theoretical explanations and analysis in the topics. This limits their choice of depending on resources from the internet and so going for materials upon clear researches. If the project is based on a specific novel, then surely the students needs to make deep researches.

2. Educate the students regarding the ethics of plagiarism

Make sure that you educate students regarding the bad side of plagiarism and eventually discourage form that practice. Another thing is including these topics in the personal conversations made by the students. Discuss why it is wrong, the bad realities and how it is hurting others too?

3. Hold the discussion regarding the difference of the copying, plagiarism and citing

Many students are doing it because their friends are doing. Another thing is that with the thought of making their work better than that of their friends. Finally, suppose a resource that is apt for their topic is found from the internet this kind of practice continues.

4. Always make sure that you give enough time for preparation

Another important reason for plagiarism is overburdening the students with the academics. That is along with that they may not get enough time for preparation, as a result they will be forced to go for plagiarism. So for avoiding this attitude, you can divide the large topic into simpler part and thus give at the commencement of a year. So by the end of the year, the final topic will get ready.

Remember, it is not at all encouraged to do plagiarism, but at the same time it is important to make the children aware about the alternate methods. The older students must be trained for preparing authentic writings and diagrams. So make sure the educational procedures must be refreshed at the school.