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Open source language

An open source language like PHP can be easily accessed with the free download option without making the customers pay.

Powerful,Flexible and Scalable

With the flexible and scalable features, this powerful language makes it easier to the developers to maximize the productivity by reducing the workloads.

Huge Standard Library

This simple to use language has a wide standard library that solve the standard problems thereby increasing the efficiency.

About Webschool

Most of the highly popular and advanced web application of today runs in PHP. It is maintenance free and easy to install in your system. Running in PHP Web School can be easily installed into your system. PHP is open source software and this makes it quite easy to update. The only essential features needed in your computer are a database like MYSQL and a PHP enabled web server.

If your web server does not support PHP you need to contact your network administrator. Or you can easily set up one yourself easily in Windows or Linux Operating Systems. You can contact our expert PHP service providers if you have any queries.

Web school, school management system is developed using PHP, which is a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. Web School, the school management system is created in the PHP platform. PHP is a server side scripting language. It is used for the creation of dynamic web pages and web applications. In PHP the code is embedded to an HTML source document.PHP Unlike other programming languages it does not call an external file to process the data. The code is run by a PHP processor and a webpage is created. PHP is a language that can be run in all the web servers and operating systems alike.
Before PHP, scripting languages like or JAVA was used to create web applications. But the evolution of PHP has made all of these lose their shine. Now there are about 20 million web sites that run exclusively on PHP. In addition to this there are programs like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress that runs on PHP. There are about 2 million websites that currently run on PHP and the list is ever growing.

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