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The answer to all your school’s administrative running. An excellent way to systematically manage schools, colleges and institutions.

Made with User Experience

Designed by expert in-house designers in accordance with the suggestions made by experienced academicians and educational administrators, the Web-School is truly simple and user friendly. The Web School has been developed in the consideration of providing accessibility to the whole administration officials in an educational organization.

School over Phone

The smart phone friendly design lets administrators to view or edit the school data anytime over the phone.This school management system software has been proven to be highly responsive over iOS, Windows and Android phones. As people nowadays prefer more on phones and tablets these advanced features helps your Web School with the added advantage to its accessibility.

Education Simplified

Our guaranteed and stable streaming over any browsers helps administrators to access or modify data from anywhere at any time without interruptions. Regardless of  the  shift among Chrome, Firefox or Explorer, users can access our software at the perfect quality.

Investment of the best brains

With an expertise team of web developers, we bring efficient and flexible school management solutions that enable your organization with refined and enhanced resources. As the system is developed upon PHP software, it will add to the user experience features of the website. The simple and structured system of the software will advantage the concerned users for easy access and control over the data.

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Priceless for less the price

The vast possibility of the administrative database that we let out for your school management solution comes in various packages so as to match both your technical requirement and budget range. We ensures best and secure backup for your school records at the best prices.

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Personalizing Data

Clients have provision for updating our software for a better reference experience in the administration and control of school data. In account with changing systems or curriculums in the education, users have options for making changes at any time. The security and privacy is no way compromised, so as to ensure that only the right user is having the control of this software.

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Unique academic backup

Unlike many other educational software, the WebSchool ERP stays optimal for providing add-on customization features that let data to be updated frequently.Multiple access and control to our software enhances the whole administrators to get confirmed with the updates.

Awakening the future

We will be always bound to be reliable and committed in contributing towards the future of academic management. With the refined content and design, we keep up our standards, and with updated security protocols we ensure confidentiality of our client data.

Managing school 24/7

Our customer service personnels will be available round the clock to hear client issues and resolve them at the earliest. We are much pleased to work on any of your needs regarding our school management software.With Web School, managing an educational organization is made easy at any time.

Why Web-School ERP System?

This feature of Web-school helps you to keep track of things from a remote area. You will be able to access the software from anywhere without facing any kind of restriction. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the security as it is very safe and reliable.
Dashboard is the place where you will be making the most notable changes. We have made it apriority to ensure that Webschool’s dashboard is easy to handle. Our people have tried and tested it numerous times to make it user friendly. So, even the most basic user will be able to run things in a clean manner.
Web-school developed using the stable PHP platform, works in a very efficient fashion. We have structured it in such a way that it allows you to make some customizations to fit your needs. This powerful platform will guarantee that there will be no disruptions. Allowing you to enjoy its functions is pleasing way.

Smart, Powerful, Easy to Use School Management Software

Webschool is a PHP based school management and administrative software developed to cater to the needs of the educational sector. This software will help you systematize the running of schools and make it far more efficient in the process. We have made in depth duties into the various systems opted by schools and institutions and have developed this software to ease the stress behind its working. Our product is very cost effective and very easy to use.

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Multiple User Logins – Web School ERP

Admin Module

Admin module is the heart and soul of web-school, school management software. Its main purpose is to manage all the school admin work like the new student login details to staffs, student details, exam Details, timetable details, library details, transport details, HR, promotional activity details and more.

Its an effective tool to maintain student admission process and saves all student records. An admin is a key user in each branch and they have the complete control over students and staffs.

Student Module

A manual login system of students allows them to retrieve the detailed timetable events like subject, time and teacher allocations. Alternations or changes in the events would be automatically notified to them.

Once you login, just check the messages folder!! Inbox might have notifications and “Warnings” like exam timetable, fee payment details, overdue pays, library book lending issues etc. You do not have to rush to the library for checking the book issues to be returned or the ones which are issued!! Detailed descriptions of the status, book reference number, due date and issued date would be provided.

Teacher Module

A teacher module is an integral part of web-school information system, because of its many vital operations like generating timetable, exam details, report submissions and more. This module lets to manage teachers and other staff attendance through password login/ logout to implement leave policies automatically.

Teachers can log in with their passwords to get all updated reports on students performance and attendance. It helps teachers to reduce their workload and be ready with future plans for students.

Parent Module

With the authenticated login id system, parents can easily track the performance of their child in both academic and extracurricular activities by checking through the report option.

Parents can very easily extract the child attendance details. Timetables and event schedules can also be viewed which gives an opportunity for the parents to keep on track the day-to-day happenings in the school. Fee details like the amount and due date can easily be viewed by the parents at the distance of few clicks. Any overdue pays and their details can also be extracted.

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