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Open Source.

The most important feature of Web school is that it is developed as open source software. The code section of this school management system is available to the public. As you know open source software is a program whose source code is available to the general public. They can edit and make additional changes within the code. Generally any open source code is created with the help of a group of programmers. They will be available in the internet and can be freely downloaded and modified. Any errors and bugs in the initial version can be corrected and extra features can be installed or modifications can be made, and this can be again redistributed as a new source logo

The most important feature of open source software is that it is free. We can download and redesign of free of cost. Another important feature is that it is often safe and secure. Usually no viral or malware threats are associated with an open source program. The code is open and transparent and anyone can view or edit it. Any open source program can be operated in a wide variety of platforms as most of the web servers and operating systems support open source programs.

In short any open source program is known for the following features,

  • They are secure
  • They have high interoperability
  • Low cost
  • Transparency of the structure
  • Localization of features

The web school has been registered as open source, to make it easy to use while not compromising on any feature or capability. We have developed Web School as open source software as we want to give maximum benefits to the customers. You can download the software from the internet and run it on your system. The only things need is a PHP enabled web server and a database management system like MYSQL. Any modifications can be made in the source code and the software can be customized as per your needs.

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