Visual Analytics: Integrating the Real Advantage of Data Visualization and Analytical Visualization for Launching the Best Trend in Education Sector

A  Fine Description about Visual Analytics

Visual analytics is too much linked up with enormous amount of data and has been elaborated with the in depth utilization of technologies like visualization, statistics as well as data mining. The world class market analysts have released a report based on their researches and that exposes a fantastic growth for the domain by the year 2020.

One of the main reasons that is driving the technology to the top end is the expanded use of the solution over the educational sector, which is supporting the functioning of the organization and giving a new phase for the eradication of resource misuse. It has been noted that the increase in number of people enrolling to institution is proportionally inducing the pressure over the institution and so such technology becomes a mandatory need for the organization. The focused improvement can be seen on areas of HR department, finance as well as administration. This ERP solution has been solving out the decision making issues of the organization and also helping out the organization for utilizing the data in a more practical method.  This is the main reason why more managements and administrators are into the investment for this technology.

The cloud computing solutions is one of most reasonable technology that has been arrived as the main trend in the market. The technology has strategy goals that help in achieving better performance on the commercial level, elaborating the faculty service, keeping the pace of expenses and thus improving the transparency of functioning. In addition to all these services the cloud computing helps in reducing the overall expenses of the IT department and managing the expenses of the software, hardware maintenance.

The Active Participants in the Market

Majority of the key participants of the market are too much inclined to the cloud computing. To be more specific, many are working hard on providing training, consultant options and even support at administrative level for the educational institutions, these are benefiting them on earning the market share. To strengthen the decision making process at the organizational level, the vendors are readily investing on technologies. This is adding up the value by exposing the operational level transparency, documentation accurateness and analyzing procedures. The analysts are too much positive about these fast upgrading technologies and other analytical solutions, which will leave the market too much competitive on the business front. Some of vendors that are hitting the list are SAS Institute, Oracle, IBM, SAP, Tableau etc.

The scientific segmentation that is done on the Core Operational Part of End-User and Visual Analytics Market in Educational Domain

 The two levels of the educational sector are:

  1. a) Kinder Garden to 12 standard
  2. b) Higher education sector visual analytics

The previous year data on the visual analytics reveals that the accommodation of the higher education sector on the market by more than 80%. Further the increased use of the ERP on this sector is presenting positive approach on leadership, planning, operation and business growth during the ongoing year as well as on the future period too. This software is beneficial for tracking down the performance of the student and also helps in calculating the funds of the organization in a better way.   In a way the calculation of the annual budget falls on the right place without any slot for flaws.

Implementation and further analysis of the visual analytics in the Education Sector

On-Premises and Cloud based is the main two visual analytics segment. The marketers have predicted that visual analytics is going to hire the market in the forthcoming years and will dominate 51% of the market share in 2020. Its dominance over full-fledged data sharing, installation convenience and compactness with other software, new technologies is making the on-premises visual analytics a master in the future market.

In the visual analytics data is utilized to the best with the support of the software to overhead the data analysis, along with the graphical assistance, so as to explore the user productivity to the best. The best part of this technology is its capability to adapt with the competitive market and again judge the future market with the nurturing attributes. Finally along with assessing the positive trends in the future market this technology keeps it perfect in predicting the future threats that are on the way to blow the market.