Top 5 Advantage of Biometrics: A Convincing Option for Tracking Student Attendance

Biometrics has been widely used for work force management and now a tremendous intervention of this technology in the education sector has come into limelight. The technology has been very much useful in tracking down the student attendance more accurately and has even lashed out the lagging process of calling up the student’s name, marking.  Moreover the accuracy and the easiness in registering the attendance via biometrics have increased the demand in every term, along with maintaining the identity and privacy of the students.

The Mandatory need of the Biometrics for Students attendance

We all know the how the earlier form of attendance registration was taken out. Well, it was so lagging and a time taking process that involves roll number calling with paper dependent attendance. The old system to some extend added the work load of the teachers and sometimes to the administrator, leading to reduced productivity. In addition to this, with large number of students the manual supervision becomes an inaccurate process. In the traditional system the attempts of proxy attendants, misuse of ID cards and other manual errors can go unnoticed, thus indirectly affecting the quality of education.

On the other hand biometric system is completely automated and the students check-in, check-out can never go wrong in anyway. This technology totally works by registering, identifying the human features and thus ensuring the attendance accuracy without any other loop holes. The possibility of the identity theft is also completely nil in this system and so the data of every student in encrypted form cannot be breached by a third person.

Nowadays many organizations are investing on the technology and some of the advantages that are backing the concept are given below:

1) Uncompromising Accuracy

What can be the need for attendance if the prevailing system is failing in registering accurate data? The solution to this issue can be ultimately replaced with the biometrics, where there is no space for errors. In recent times, it has been reported that the institution has been struggling badly in solving the attempts of proxy attendance, mainly from the classes with larger number of students. Optimistically, the integration of the biometric system has recorded a major resolution in terms of accuracy and of course the main reason why more institutions are going for similar investments.

2) Convenience in Managing Attendance Record

When we consider the roll number wise attendance through paper documents, it often used to be a terrible task for the teachers, especially with the classes that are tightly packed. But the biometrics has completely changed the procedure with simple check-in and check-outs, by just simply scanning the biometric features. Moreover, for the students the process does not demand any technical skill as the system works completely automated.

3) Saving the Class time spend on attendance

We know that registering attendance manually usually cut down the study time in the class, but with the biometrics it saves the time a lot. Here the attendance is tracked down in seconds and a solution for error rectification is not required, because of the precision it holds.

4) Incomparable Efficiency

The error free data evaluation is definitely an advantage of this technology, but the added supremacy in verification of the data with minimum time is enhancing the preference to the software. Along with supporting the teaching staff of the institution, it is offering remedy to the administrative staff as well.

5) Security to the Student Information

The technology used in biometric is too much sophisticated and so cracking down the security is definitely impossible. Here the personal features are converted to computer code and is stored in the data base of the school, for repeated verification and validation. The scope of frauds with duplicated images or other means is not at all possible with the biometric system.

With the increasing reports of the technological breach, it is totally important for an institution to have cost-effective solution that can focus on ensuring data security and operational efficiency. Apart from the mere process of the attendance registering, the easiness and precision in handling crowded class is very much appreciated. If you wish to provide quality education for the students through efficient utilization of technology and secured data evaluation techniques, then biometric attendance reporting option can be a complementing one.