Streamlining Educational System through Resource Optimization: Web Based School Management System

The education sector has always been in the slenderness of the resource management and now with the rise of the technology, the quality of school data management is succeeding. This tremendous technological intervention into the educational platform with applications like digital learning, smart class room and resource management system, both administration works as well as student management has become convenient. The integrity of technology is making it happen for the schools to get stabilized with a lot of other activities apart from teaching like fee management, account management, library and class management.

The web based school management system is a wonderful solution for simplifying all the administration works related to an educational institution. It has been presented as the most accurate source that is providing elaborate data management, accessible through school intranet as well as the worldwide internet facility. This offers powerful platform for interaction with parents, teachers, students and staff, making functional part of the institution work well than ever before.

The software is having strong base with limited hardware requirement and has no objection with the school budget. School data system follows the right to access according to particular principles and is customizable with the school requirements.

Some of the highlighted benefits of this software are listed below.

  • The school operations are executed with greater transparency
  • Updated information’s are provided
  • The administration and management activities of the school are executed more efficiently
  • The access to information related to student activities and other domains are flexible
  • It is a web based system and so information can be accessed from anywhere around the globe
  • Information can be accessed from any browser with an internet connection
  • It alerts the parents regarding the performance of the student in the school
  • The software initiate the function of sending bulk SMS
  • The registration process, admission etc. are carried out in the easiest way
  • Interaction between teachers, students and parents are done more effectively
  • Security feature of the software at the user level is perfect
  • Eliminating the old paper system and getting integrated with digital set up
  • Focusing on quality education system
  • Some of the repeated functions are automated
  • Productivity of the organization is improved
  • Work force can be utilized more efficiently with the automated system

Benefits in the Management Level

  • The complete functioning of the school can be carried through a centralized system
  • No risk in managing the institutional records
  • Productive data sharing between teachers, students and other staff members
  • Almost all important operations can be executed automatically
  • Every resources are utilized in the best way
  • Cost-effective mode of data management
  • Investments made for managing other task is tremendously reduced

Highlighted benefits to Teachers

  • Student marks and grades are calculated with computerized system
  • Timetable are generated with prior planning including the mentioning for substitution
  • Time management is done efficiently and so students are availed with lot of time
  • Communication between the parent and teacher is managed more efficiently
  • The attendance of the teacher as well as students are managed digitally, so can be checked according to the convenience
  • All school activities are organized in a productive way
  • Information are shared via E-mails and SMS
  • All students report and other information’s are managed in an organized method

Highlighted benefits to Students

  • Students can communicate with teachers and school staff conveniently
  • The students can view their attendance, exam schedule, marks and grades accordingly
  • Can actively participate in discussions, share opinions and views
  • They can view the list of library books and so can make request for preferred ones
  • The school events and holiday list are published annually, students can get the details accordingly

Highlighted benefits to Parents

  • Can reach out to teachers any time online
  • Get updated with all upcoming activities in the school
  • Regularly notified with student fee payment dates, amount, attendance and exam reports

In every respect the school management system that enables systematic approach in managing different aspect of an educational institution is the best resource optimization technology. It makes processes easier for students, teachers, parents and other staffs.