Revolution in Relationship of Education with Technology and the Core Factors That Have Been Influencing It over Years

Now with everyday updating in the technology, it has been like a normal routine in human life to explore the space intended by such developments. Alongside the best changes can be seen in the educative sectors, which have in fact given a new perspective to teachers, students as well as the parents regarding core aspects of schooling.

At the initial stage of introduction of the technology to the school, the real fear was regarding adaptive factor. How the student can outperform in the future without technological flair has been considered as a major factor. And may be that fear lead to technology on school schedule. But later, within a short period of time technology has come into the mainstream as a major medium for accessing education. This realization has in fact transformed the role of the teacher and also the approach of the students towards educational system. It has transformed the role of the students into a self-directed learners and that of the teacher to a more powerful one for facilitating the medium.

Over the past years changes have been imposed in the technological placement on educational sector and let us check the factors.

1) We can acknowledge humans as the mentor of their own life and so acceptance of the new factors on life is totally dependent on their attitude. The space they give to technology and at the same time on relationship they work for are the main factors. Always give less importance on the technicality behind the scene and to what extend technology is explored on the individual basis. The discussion must be highlighted on the relationship between students and teachers, of course on themselves.

2) Another important influence is on the approach of teaching as well as on the learning too. In a way change has been brought in the life of the student with creating space for new fundamentals along with giving new approach for the old concepts. The best part in the implementation is that change has happened in phases rather than imposing the burden with an overnight induction. Anyhow the changes in method of learning has its role for the motivating the basic attitude towards educative themselves.

3)  The major factor that affects the process of education is the place where it happens. It can be school, home or class room. Depending on a preset environment study has been conducted. So it is revealed that student explored certain computer types learning useful at schools and other types at home.

4) Linking the wide cultural resources with the computer settings. Most of the students prefer to get exposed with different culture rather than getting limited to one. That is no one want to get fluency alone in English rather they want the access to different languages. So to be competitive in the market, it is always better to set the access at least for two different languages.

5) Finally, the straightway approach to accessing technology apart from the above listed factors. The kind of weirdness in adapting with technology has minimized a lot today. But still the minority factor exists and so the effort for solving the issue becomes mandatory. Along with this the scarcity of the resource is popped as another main issue. The scarcity of systems, teachers, pre project training etc. is considered as the main factors that have to be encountered. A proper design and planning are the main things that should be inducted in the first place. Anyhow if the teachers are not given proper training, then compromising is considered as the only way that is left out.

Over the years the concept of the technology among the public has changed a lot. But the core value of technology is focused on considering it as a mean, rather than a mission. A promising success can be registered only through the joint effort of parents and students. So it is definite that a relationship status is built between teachers and students, teachers and technology, between students within the school itself. Anyhow the influence of external world does have the importance, but is hardly researched. In the critical analysis of integrating education with technology, the importance of refreshing the core elements has been revealed.