Android Applications at Schools with Security Regulations: Potential Game Changer in the Education System

Today in the life of almost all students, gadgets are like staple. There is nothing much to wonder, since gadget makes the day for even the toddlers. Good or bad, the intriguing place of mobile devices has changed the pattern of lifestyle and educational approaches.

In west, it’s more like every student in the school owns a mobile device of their own. So the reason why these devices became a part of education system is understood. Anyhow either the introduction of these devices into education circle should be managed or better choose to be in the outer link of technology.

Let us see some of the important things that need to be covered with the introduction of android or other related devices in the education platform:

Understanding and Utilizing the Pros of (Bring-Your-Own-Devices) BYOD

It is important to understand that every school will not have enough resources that can manage the content of the IT devices they provide. So in order to keep up the quality of the learning material, it is important to follow BYOD policy. This approach will help in following an up to date technological standard. Along with that helps the school in maintaining their expenses. The school can elaborate their services through offering cloud based services and updating security features too.

Now stepping up into Smart Classrooms

When you are moving up in technology make sure that reorganization of class room is also being done. The teachers track the learning pattern of the students and should monitor their relationship with such devices. So for that the seating arrangements or connectivity to the student must be feasible. This approach will reduce the misuse of devices as well as encourage a healthy learning system.

In order to mange android devices in class, teachers must take necessary software security services. This kind of set ups can help teachers in monitoring the learning material used by the children and the way they are utilizing the services. The app blockers are available and this can be used for blocking the use of certain applications in phone. For instance, the tutor can disable the use of device camera temporarily if necessary. The android tablet management solution can also be used remotely for such purposes.

Making aware about the rules

Every student must be taught about the rules and regulations related to using a device. This has to be made stricter, when it comes to classroom education. There are many dangers and pitfalls on using these devices especially with internet access. So apart from making the children aware about the danger facts, the teacher’s must take some responsibilities in enforcing restriction. As an example, make sure to block access to certain apps and website is the most important thing. Also track their activities too. Teach students regarding what is good and bad among the online resources available.

Some of the dangers with online resources are listed below:

  • Follow privacy guidelines and ensure security
  • The danger of malware and how its break the security can break of your device
  • The issues related to cyber bullying
  • Danger with accessing spam contents
  • If used properly android devices can help the students a lot with their studies. In a way it elaborates their education resources as well as senses
  • Android helps in using necessary educational apps inside the classrooms
  • In the school environment the student can access their private devices but make sure the access is done only with good intentions.
  • Encourages online researches to be conducted in class and so supplying resources in the correct manner
  • Extend the resources or device privileges upon good performance of the students

There was a time in our history when every administration work is carried in the files and bundle of documents. Then starting with simplifying the staff task, the technological intervention has become a resource of study material too. So it has become like education without technology has become impossible.

Anyhow the other side of the technology is the security concerns. Not only in classrooms must the activities of students be tracked outside the schools too. Along with taking the benefits supplied by such devices, teachers and parents must take the responsibility to safeguarding the children from the misuse of such conveniences.